Some links for February

OK so these are just old links I had in a Draft post, figured I’d get them up so I can start again.   March ’11 may be the month I actually start updating this thing.   

Girl Talk – All Day (ReadyRickShaw) - Some dude set this site up so each sample used by Girl Talk is shown as the song goes along, cool to see and if you haven’t heard this shit yet definitely worth checking out.

The Best Times to Buy Anything in 2011 (Lifehacker) We’re already 2 months in and most of it is common sense, but oh well decent guide to have around.

Internet 2010 in Numbers (Royal Pingdom) Good list of staaaaaaats about how big Da Net really is

Cracking the Scratch Lottery Code (Wired) Pretty sick article about a dude who picked up on patterns on the face of some scratch off loterry tickets in Canada.  Just goes to show how simple pattern recognition is the best tool of them all. 

 A Really Greater New York (Big Think – Strange Maps) Some dude’s idea from a hundred or so years ago to fill in a bunch of the water around Manhattan, interesting concept but can’t see how it would ever work these days.  Amazing that huge projects like this were actually feasible 100 years ago but nowadays would drown in red tape, or at least it seems that way.

Mario Furniture (Neatorama) Awesome.

Play Angry Birds For Real (Electric Pig) - SICK.  About time they made video games into real life and not vice versa.

And finally, what to expect this upcoming baseball season:

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