Taxpayer Field!

Long story short, eventually Citibank is going to be nationalized, which means in theory we will all own 1/300,000,000th of Citibank!   Pretty cool huh?   Well along with billions of dollars of “toxic assets” we will also get the naming rights to Citi Field for the next 20 years.     Considering the Wilpons may or may not have lost a ton of money in the Madoff Ponzi scheme, maybe the government can bail out the Mets too.   Anyone who stops fucking around and just signs Manny already would have my vote for sure.   It’s been like four years since that’s been a rumor so let’s just get it over with and try to win a World Series here.


Anyway, yes it’s pretty clear that the patch commemorating the inaugural season is a fucking joke, but it’s the Mets what did you honestly expect.   The good thing is that the stadium is basically done and actually looks real nice based on a tour in December via    I also put a video of how the stadium will look like based on a preview of the PS3 game but MTV thought it was a cool idea to have a 30 second commercial before a minute long video so they can suck a dick.

Citi Field is almost done

So what I’m thinking is that if us taxpayers are at least going to get the naming rights for Shea, lets name it something good.  Using a low estimate of 100 million tax-eligible workers, that means that if you pay taxes, you are contributing an average of $0.20 a day towards these naming rights, depending on how much you make.   So I’ve got a novel idea – fuck corporate sponsorship of the stadium, they get enough money from $7 beers so it’ll pay for itself eventually.   Let’s continue to honor the man who helped make the Mets happen and change the name to “Shea Stadium” before the season starts.   Novel idea I know, but it actually wouldn’t be the first time that it’s happened.